Wess Meets West (Hassle Records) infuse elements of Electronic Music and Post Rock to blend otherworldly soundscapes. 

They have been featured in Paste Magazine, Electronic Musician magazine, Premier Guitar, NPR Morning Edition, CBS, Wrangler, ESPN's X-Games and most recently, Spotify's Deep Focus Playlist which has over four million plays.  Wess Meets West has been labeled as a “Top Ten Bands from CT You Need to Know” and a “Top Up-And-Coming Connecticut Bands to Check out in 2016.” 2017 Best In State CT New England Music Awards. 


"Wess Meets West labels its own music as “defiantly optimistic,” which is as good a description as anything I can come up with. There’s another pretty good word for it, too: “beautiful,” in an unabashed, even romantic way. For all its complexity, Wess Meets West’s music is always emotionally direct, honest, and engaging. It’s music for taking a long trip in a fast car to a part of the country you’ve never seen, for standing on a high peak — even, dare I say it, for falling in love, like you can only at the end of summer." - Brian Slattery, New Haven Independent

Wess Meets West is a defiantly optimistic instrumental rock/metal band which began 10 years ago as the project of lead guitarist Sam Stauff. They originated as a singer-less outfit but over time have introduced sparse vocals to guide themes and boost the dynamic presence of certain songs. As they’ve evolved, Wess Meets West have incorporated electronic samples to brighten and expand texture and provide a denser backdrop upon which to shred, breakdown and groove. The result is a flood of constantly shifting melodies that are connected by fluid motifs. - Audiotree

"Hailing from White Plains, NY, this quartet channels the grandiose soundscapes of EITS and the dynamic contrasts & tempo shifts of And So I Watch You From Afar in equal measure. Birthed from a studio project of guitarist Sam Stauff in 2005, the group’s discography has featured several full-lengths and extended plays that showcase a steadily solidifying lineup and a consistently honed sound." - The Alternate Frequency

"Wess Meets West make beautiful noise without the aid of vocals—just two guitars, a bass and drums—but there’s no reason to call this post-rock. Since forming in 2005, the band has released four longish EPs and collaborated with John Nolan of Taking Back Sunday." - Kristen Hill, Paste Magazine